Solar PV Systems

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Solar PV systems or photovoltaic technology is technology that converts the energy from sunlight into electrical energy for your home. Solar PV technology has been used to power homes for many years and residential solar PV systems can offset much of your household electrical and power needs.

The typical system, is a set of photovoltaic modules or solar panels, these are installed onto the roof of your home. These panels absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar generator is then used to convert the electric current from DC to AC. This electricity is then fed into your local electricity network via the electrical meter and records the amount of electricity produced, this information is then used to offset your electricity bill.

The recent developments in battery technology coupled with the relatively low cost of solar PV systems is changing the dynamics with Electrical supplies

For what is a relatively modest cost compared to the overall cost of building a new home, you could be energy self-sufficient or close to it and be saving money for the life of the installation (approx. 30 years) check out this site

Solar panel diagram
Solar panel diagram