360 Building Solutions—Sustainable Builders in Canberra Focused on Building a Better Tomorrow

At 360 Building Solutions, we are a team of sustainable builders serving future homeowners in Canberra. Our objective is to always deliver comfortable and energy-efficient homes to families through our sustainable methods. We believe in achieving a better tomorrow through building smart today.

As expert sustainable builders in Canberra, our specialty is in erecting homes. We have over ten years of experience in building with quality and sustainability. Our team works on new homes, rebuilds, and major renovations that help improve the lifestyles of our clients. We have in-house carpenters that cooperate with a dedicated subcontractor to deliver the best possible results.

It is our mission to build homes that are friendly to the environment. In other words, our designs combine conventional and alternative materials to create healthy, energy-efficient residences.

Let us bring your ideas to life. If you are interested in the projects we’ve created, please have a browse through our gallery.

Sustainable Builders Canberra
Sustainable Builders Canberra

As Sustainable Builders in Canberra, We Believe That Energy-Efficient Homes Are the Best Choice

Your sustainable builders in Canberra here at 360 Building Solutions create homes that work with their natural environment. Not only do we erect aesthetically pleasing, green homes, we also deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

The best thing about sustainable builders in Canberra who build energy-efficient homes is that they help you save money in the long run. Remember that the operating costs will decrease with such homes. Our designs will bring you daylight in every area and allow environmentally friendly lighting and solar heating.

Another great advantage of sustainable homes is that they are long-lasting. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about spending money on maintenance at some point. The recycled materials are durable and designed with sustainability in mind.

Environmentally friendly homes are healthy. That’s because we incorporate materials that use very little to no volatile organic compounds. When you have a sustainable home, you’ll have improved air quality indoors.

Why Choose Us, Your Professional Sustainable Builders in Canberra

Our professional team of sustainable builders in Canberra is ready to build you a home that you’ve always dreamed about. You’ll enjoy a seamless process when you work with us:

  • We talk to you about your needs over an initial consultation
  • Our team will conceptualise the design based on your input and requirements.
  • Our pre-construction involves providing you with an accurate quotation. We’ll arrange the contract-signing process and get the building project approved.
  • We have a post-construction process where we hand over the property with a walkthrough. You’ll get a six-month maintenance period from us.
Sustainable Builders Canberra

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``From the start, Will and Dean were amazing, helping us work through our ideas for a unique and sustainable house. Alternative materials like rammed earth and recycled timber didn’t phase them, allowing us to create the home we wanted. They communicated throughout the process, making sure that the end product was exactly what we wanted.``

Travis & Sophie - Waramanga, ACT
Travis & Sophie - Waramanga, ACT

``I would not hesitate to recommend 360 Building Solution to those looking for an outstanding building experience. I have been working with the team at 360 for more than 6 years now, and since the first project we completed together, I have continued to be impressed with their professionalism, their enthusiasm and, most importantly, their desire to build only to the highest standard.``

Shannon - Coombs, ACT
Shannon - Coombs, ACT